from Mike Peterson, Publisher, LUXE Magazine:


"I am privileged to have worked with Lucinda at LAKE Magazine, where she showcased her personal understanding of the LAKE region's luxury market. Her skills as a world-class editor, and her ability to relate to an audience who appreciated only the finest in life, helped us develop and maintain business relationships with such marketers as Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lexus and numerous, local, high-end clients and developers.

As Editor in Chief, Lucinda developed and managed a staff of talented designers and writers. Her team's appreciation for her as a mentor and guide was evident in the success of the product we created. She recognized the brand for what it was, and what it stood for, and that understanding set the standard for her team.

Lucinda's understanding of luxury aesthetics, in all written and pictorial forms, made LAKE the premier lifestyle publication of the region. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

from Richard Babcock, former Editor in Chief, Chicago magazine


"I am happy to give Lucinda Hahn an unreserved recommendation. Like many city magazines, Chicago serves a largely upscale audience with content on dining, fashion, shopping, design and travel—and our stories tilted toward people with power and money. Lucinda had an acute sensibility for that world (frankly, far better than mine). She was not in thrall to it—she always maintained a journalistic distance, often leavened by a wry wit—but she knew the landscape and followed the ups and downs.

Early on, she spotted interior designer Nate Berkus and featured him in the magazine. She profiled a former Playboy model who has improbably become the foremost society chronicler in Chicago. Once, she talked me into giving her the assignment to check into Chicago's Ritz-Carlton for a few days so she could report back on what it is to experience the award-winning hotel. (What was I thinking?) The story turned into an utter delight—wise, informative and wonderfully funny.  I should also add that Lucinda is herself a delight, a warm and witty colleague who was a favorite not only of mine but of the entire staff.

Lucinda worked for me as a writer and senior editor at Chicago magazine from 1998-2003. (I was editor in chief of Chicago for 20 years, until stepping down in 2011.) Her work for me was always outstanding. Lucinda is smart, organized, and gifted. Her job at the magazine was to edit the front section—short items that ranged across culture, design, shopping, and beyond. To her great credit (and my great relief) she took over the section immediately—putting her stamp on it and running it as her own magazine within a magazine. In surveys of our readers, that section consistently ranked as one of the most popular elements of the magazine.

After Lucinda's tenure, I followed her career closely while she wrote a lively society column for the Chicago Tribune, which owns Chicago magazine.  I am happy to serve as a reference for Lucinda. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Richard Babcock | 312.823.0260 |